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There is a clear case that poor staff health and wellbeing has a significant impact on the performance of NHS organisations.

Investing in staff health and wellbeing delivers benefits for NHS organisations, their staff and ultimately patients.

Workforce Health and Wellbeing Framework, 2018

prevention & self management

We know that poor mental health has a huge impact on an individual’s life and those around them. Impacts can range from lack of sleep or panic attacks; difficulty in concentrating; and low confidence. This can lead to a downwards spiral, as an individual may withdraw from social situations and lose their support networks and structures at a time when they need them most.

The knock-on impact on family life and friends is also important, with many people ‘holding it together’ at work, but then not being themselves at home. Poor mental health also means that individuals can find themselves less able to cope with elements of their personal lives such as relationship breakdowns, financial problems and housing worries.

WRAP empowers your most important assets with the framework and tools so they can be happy, healthy and perform at their best. The two-day experience gives groups of up to 16 people the opportunity to come together to develop their own WRAP so that they have the skills and confidence to deal with challenges in and out of the workplace.

We understand that people have different learning styles, so we use a variety of methods during the experience to engage with and meet the needs of all participants. It can be delivered at venues and locations that work for the organisation.

The process focuses on people’s strengths – it encourages individuals to take personal responsibility for their actions and to self-advocate for support before circumstances reach crisis point and require other costly interventions.

50% NHS staff say they have gone to work despite not feeling well enough to perform their duties.

41% of NHS staff report feeling unwell as a result of work related stress in the last 12 months

348,000 working days were lost due to anxiety, stress and depression in just one month in the NHS

£1984 is the average cost of poor mental health in the NHS workforce per employee, per year

Staff should have access to interventions that help to improve mental health and wellbeing and support self-management. 

Workforce Health and Wellbeing Framework, 2018

Every NHS Trust should arm all NHS employees with the basic tools for prevention and self-care.

Thriving at work; review of mental health & employers, 2017




















The experience has added real value to both individuals and together as a team.

Emma Boswell Executive Director of Development and Improvement 

NHS Frimley Collaborative

The course has helped me and brought us closer together as a team.

Harriet Luximon Head of Commissioning for Community Services

NHS North East Hants & Farnham CCG

The whole process has helped our organisation to reflect on our approach to wellness.

Steve Manley Communications & Engagement Manager

NHS North East Hants & Farnham CCG

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