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Discover wellness

Discover Wellness was founded by (me) Ben Hogbin in 2018. For years I had been trying to be all things, to all people, all of the time. Back in July 2016 I discovered something called the ‘Wellness Recovery Action Plan’ (WRAP). 

This self management system gave me the framework and tools to keep myself well. Over the next couple of years I realised that by developing my own WRAP I had become happier, healthier and more resilient. I thought if it could work for me, then it could work for anyone. 

It was at this point I decided that I wanted to share this educational programme with people in my community, so I trained to become a facilitator.

I applied for some funding from Healthwatch Hampshire and invited professionals from the private, public and third sector along with individuals who are seldom heard, to develop their own WRAP. The impact the experience had on them was just as positive and I knew then this was something I needed to take further.

I decided to focus on working with the NHS because my wife is a Specialist Children’s Community Nurse and I know how much individuals give to others. It is all too easy to forget about ourselves, so I now provide a space where individuals can pause and think about themselves.  

The Discover Wellness team is made up of like minded individuals who all share the same belief that WRAP changes lives for the better.


Ben Hogbin

Advanced WRAP Facilitator

As Copeland Centre trained Facilitators of WRAP we understand and support the following Values and Ethics. 


We give participants a sense of hope.


We support the concept that each person is the expert on themselves.


We validate the individuals experiences.


We treat participants with dignity, compassion, respect  & unconditional high regard. 


We honour the participants.


We remind participants that’s there are no limits to anyone’s recovery. 


We accept participants as they are and as unique, special individuals.


We give individuals options and choices, not final answers.

meet the team

We have extensive experience working with individuals and groups from the public and third sector as well as the seldom heard. 

Abby Hogbin

WRAP Facilitator

Abby's Journey

When I first heard about WRAP, I had been trying to put in place measures to deal with various things that were happening in my life – I was struggling to find a work/life balance and, as is often the way, work always seemed to win. The tools and framework that WRAP emphasised didn’t sound complicated or time consuming and I wanted to find out more. 

As a society, we are good at caring for others but almost feel too guilty to give ourselves the time and care we need. WRAP has emphasised that self-care isn’t selfish. We can’t help others if we don’t help ourselves. 

What I really love about the WRAP programme is that it really is for anyone, any time. You don’t have to be at crisis point or even feeling unwell to benefit from the idea of creating your own wellness tools and daily maintenance plan. I really do use my maintenance plan on a daily basis – it is always there at the back of my mind and so I am much quicker to notice these days if something is slipping and I need to take time to address it. 

Since completing the WRAP course, and taking the time to really think about what is important to me, my work/life balance is now just that: balanced. I reflect upon wellness tools throughout my day and make adjustments as and when I need them. 

The WRAP programme is simple. My WRAP is about me: it empowers me to be responsible for how I’m feeling and it gives me the tools I need to stay well. I became a WRAP Facilitator because I believe in the process – it gave a lot to me and I want to share that with the hope that it will benefit others. 

Anna Hamilton

WRAP Facilitator

Anna's Journey

WRAP has been a huge a journey, and much like everyone else’s it is on-going. I was told beforehand that it’s not rocket science and I was pleased when I found out it really isn’t! And that actually I was already doing quite a lot of it.

My awareness of myself has been raised and I am able to reflect and recognise things that used to just pass me by. Whether that be a trigger, early warning sign or using a wellness tool etc WRAP has empowered me to put it all together around a framework, so my thinking and actions are more logical, and I am aware of the connection between the two. I ask myself ‘how will that impact on my well-being’ regularly now, especially when it comes to making work or social commitments. It helps me keep a balance.

The main difference from when I began my journey to now is that my own well-being comes into my thoughts everyday. I am doing more of what makes ME happy and I am doing it intentionally.

Like Ben I am now a Copeland Centre trained WRAP Facilitator and can guide others on their wellness journey.

Ben Hogbin

Advanced WRAP Facilitator

Ben's Journey

WRAP has provided me with the framework to change my life for the better. I have learned to be more intentional and to trust my decisions which is now allowing me to actively work towards my goals.

Acknowledging I have always had wellness tools was a revelation. I knew I did things that made me happy but breaking these activities down into those things that can distract, relax and energise has made using them more enjoyable and effective. Incorporating these into my daily maintenance plan has proved challenging at times but something I am working on to keep myself well.

The process of WRAP has given me time to reflect and has since enabled me to identify triggers I never knew existed and put actions in place to reduce or eliminate the impacts these have on me.

Jo Miles

WRAP Facilitator

Jo's Journey

WRAP has been the best discovery of my life and I am so pleased I have found it. WRAP has given me hope. It has opened up doors, broken down barriers and built my self-confidence.

I am able to put myself first and in turn it has had a fantastic impact on me and those around me.

I have weaved WRAP into my daily life without even realising it. WRAP is a guide, it is a journey, it is flexible, is specific to the individual, it is simple.

WRAP has given me a greater self-awareness, accountability and an openness to discover. WRAP has given me options and choices. I have the knowledge that if I am feeling down, that it’s ok.

I know what my triggers are and can spot my early warning signs if I start to struggle. I know what things make me feel good and this has been so beneficial for me. WRAP has stopped me questioning my feelings, especially guilt.

I am so passionate about WRAP and its wonderfulness that I am now a trained facilitator and part of the Discover Wellness team.

Lee Culhane

WRAP Facilitator

Lee's Journey

For many years my life was like an unlaced trainer, open, didn’t fit properly, sometimes slipped off the heel when trying to walk or run and I continually tripped over my own laces. I knew I should tie them to ensure that I had stability, and I knew how to do it, but things always came up or my own excuses stopped me from doing it.

WRAP helped me focus and tie that bow, giving me structure and a framework to follow. It reminded me, both professionally and personally, of recognising when to stop, when it was time to ask for help, when to do an activity for me and when to say no.

It helped me recognise behaviours that may mean something is wrong, but it also helped me further identify when something is right and how to replicate it, utilise it and maintain it as part of a daily routine.

For years, throughout my career and life, I’ve spent my time advising and guiding others on removing barriers that have had the potential to stop them fulfilling their own potential.

With WRAP, whilst not always perfect every day, I have an effective system in place that helps me to remove mine.

Tana Spreadbury

WRAP Facilitator

Tana's Journey

WRAP is a way of tying together things you’ve likely done before to look after yourself, but may often go unnoticed. By using WRAP intentionally I have better self-awareness and actively do things to keep myself well.

It can also be used as a starting point in a bad place, a tool to use, check yourself, think if I’ve been sticking to a daily maintenance.

I believe in WRAP for seeing the impact it has on people, spending that time thinking about themselves which for many feels odd as we are often thinking of others. Doing it as part of a team opens up communication on a new level, able to talk through EWS & triggers, gaining a better understanding of each other in a supportive environment.

WRAP used to be something I’d heard of but had no understanding of. Since completing a WRAP course and subsequent facilitator training I’m a lot better informed but still learning! That’s a large part of your personal WRAP, it’s ongoing, always changing, as you and the world around you is.




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  • Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
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