Who we are.

We are Copeland Centre trained facilitators of the Wellness Recovery Action Plan.

"The facilitators created a warm, welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.

Ben and Anna shared their own experiences which encouraged everyone else to participate and connect as a group".


Bee Ambrose, Supported Families Programme Co-ordinator

Winchester City Council

Ben Hogbin

WRAP has provided me with the framework to change my life for the better. I have learned to be more intentional and to trust my decisions which is now allowing me to actively work towards my goals.


Acknowledging I have always had a wellness toolbox was a revelation. I knew I did things that made me happy but breaking these activities down into those things that can distract, relax and energise has made using them more enjoyable and effective.  Incorporating these into my daily maintenance plan has proved challenging at times but something I am working on to keep myself well.


The process of WRAP has given me time to reflect and has since enabled me to identify triggers I never knew existed and put actions in place to reduce or eliminate the impacts these have on me.

Lee Culhane 

Alison Cross

Anna Hamilton

WRAP has helped me to get to know who I am and taught me that this is an on-going process. A key learning point for me early on in my journey was that saying NO to something to help me stay well is an achievement not a failure. It was this that enabled me to make positive changes in my life. Having a structure to keeping myself well means it stays at the forefront of my mind so I can prioritise my own well-being.



WRAP encourages me to consistently reflect on what is working for me and what is not, and I feel in control of making changes accordingly.  I no longer get that dreaded feeling of needing to “pull through” instead I feel positive that I can, and I will because I have practical tools and good supporters, all identified by me, for me.

Abby Hogbin

Louise Todino

Jo Miles 

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