What we do.

We offer a preventative approach to looking after people's health and wellbeing.

"The course has been amazing! I've found myself thinking about my personal wellness more and more. I've been using my wellness tools without feeling guilty about doing something just for me".

Sam Hunt, Befriending Manager

Friends of the Family

Our two day programme is designed to be relaxed, fun and interactive with a variety of activities to get individuals thinking about what wellness looks like for them. We focus on people’s strengths, encourage individuals to take personal responsibility for their actions and to ask for support before circumstances reach crisis point and require costly interventions.

What's covered?

Who are you?

Strengths l Hobbies & Interests l Roles & Responsibilities 

Wellness Tools

Five Key Concepts

Hope l Personal Responsibility l Education Self-Advocacy l Support.

Six Parts of WRAP

Daily Maintenance Plan

Triggers Action Plan

Early Warning Signs l Action Plan

When Things Break Down l Action Plan

Crisis Plan

Post Crisis Plan


what wellness looks like for you.


yourself to stay well.


into the person you want to be.

For anyone, anytime.


Empowering people to live a better life.

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